From Rustic Writer's Cabin to Tree House Refuge

Tales from a Writer's Retreat

by Nicola Burnell

The definition of "retreat" is to escape a dangerous situation and withdraw to a safe or private place. When I booked myself into the Firelfy B&B's Rustic Cabin and Fern Forest Tree House in April I thought I was giving myself the gift of writing time; honoring a writer's prerogative to be selfish and protective about my craft.

I had no idea that I was really answering a primal desire for freedom from the all-consuming world of mothering, working and balancing multiple check books just to get from one end of the week to the other.

If I'd thought of my retreat as a "vacation" I would never had booked it – my writing was my excuse to be kind to myself.

Who can afford to steal four nights of solitude, with no cell phone reception, sporadic internet and absolutely NO television? Who can afford not to?


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A little Party for Us

A Poem by Olayinka Eno Babalola

Cape Cod's Award-winning Columnist, Saralee Perel, Introduces her Protégé: Olayinka Eno Babalola


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Bonjour, Happiness!

A new book
from Jamie Cat Callan

BONJOUR, HAPPINESS! is the latest book from part-time Cape Codder Jamie Cat Callan, just released by Kensington Publishing in Spring 2011.

Part memoir and part self-help, the book describes the author's journeys through France and America, meeting with hundreds of women.


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A Town Without Socks: Serendipity and My Journey to Publication

by Margaret Taylor

My first book, A Town Without Socks, was inspired by a true story that happened in my hometown of Edgewater, New Jersey, located two miles from Manhattan.

Before retiring from my job as the human resources manager of a computer software company, I never considered writing as a hobby, nor as a serious endeavor.

Upon losing a very dear companion, however, I realized the gentleman's extended family of very young great-nieces and great-nephews would have no recollection of him. I wanted to do something to help.


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Patricia Bertschy Reviews

Five Quarters of the Orange

A novel by Joanne Harris

Five Quarters of the Orange is the story of a mother and daughter and their life-long struggle to understand one another.


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