Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Hope brings Eternal Light

Hope is a pathway to Infinite Spirit and opens your heart up to Divine Guidance. It is an essential part of your soul's composition. Without it, there would be no light in times of uncertainty or despair.

Thus, you may fall into the abyss of darkness, depression and hopelessness. All of these negative forces only block your ability to see the Light of Infinite Spirit and the support that is there for you.

Hope is an elevated form of faith and trust together. When you have faith and trust with a strong desire for good and for positive outcomes, you have Hope on wings.

When you have no hope, open up your mind, body and spirit and let out all of your blocks in the form of fear, anger, resentment and rage. Just let it out and let it go. This emotional outburst will open up your being to the glimmer of hope that is always there beside you. Allow yourself to see and feel hope, a lifeline of Infinite Love. Grab onto the sleeve of hope and let it take you to a place in your soul where you can begin again, to find new solutions and to see the greater picture of what is and what is to come.

Remember, without releasing your hopelessness, healing cannot take place. Do whatever you need to do to create a safe place where you can release all that is causing your lack in hope. To help you bring hope back into your consciousness picture and feel what hope is to you. Is it a glimmer of light in your heart, a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds, a friend offering solace or your guardian Angel giving you the gift of comfort and peace?

Hold onto your images of hope and let it wash through your whole energy system. Then, the higher consciousness of hope can link with your opening of your awareness of hope and bring you to the highest level of Hope.

In this highest place of hope, you have no fear, no anger, and no resentment. It all melts away and transforms into light. All you have is faith, trust and love. Keep holding on to your hope for yourself, the world and creation.

Hope is a light in the dark that will make you feel safe, give you strength and bring eternal peace. Be the light and hope in the world and watch everything transform into grace.

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Lynne Delaney is a Conscious Living Advisor & Reiki Master. Her Reiki treatments combine intuitive energy work and crystals.

She offers private sessions in spiritual guidance, intuitive tarot, and hypnotherapy. Group sessions include table-tipping and transfiguration.

With a background in science and spiritual studies, Lynne is able to better understand how both disciplines contribute to healing and well-being.

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