Dreams of Wellfleet Harbor, Oil by Linda Turoczi
Dreams of Wellfleet Harbor,
Oil by Linda Turoczi

Living the Dream
In Praise of Simplicity: An Artist and Her RV

by Linda Turoczi

My first memories of Cape Cod are of sitting on a stone wall along Old King's Highway in Yarmouthport, eating peppermint stick ice cream cones from Hallet's Soda Fountain.

We had arrived at my friend's grandmother's house for summer vacation, lemonade, beaches, the music fair, and sheer delight. It was then that I fell in love with this magical place called Cape Cod.

To return thirty years later to a different Cape town, Wellfleet, but with the same friend, was very special. We had young boys and responsibilities, but still found time to drive by the old house and the wall. It no longer belonged to her grandmother but memories were still there.

We visited Hallet's and took our children for ice cream. It was that summer that I knew I would return to the Cape to paint, to give my son the same joy and freedom I had experienced as a child.

My husband immediately bonded with the Cape. It was a good thing, because for the next twenty years I refused to go anywhere else for my summer vacation. We rented houses in every corner of Wellfleet.

I painted wherever I happened to be: near ponds, in David's garden, on the streets of Wellfleet, Truro and Provincetown. I was sad to leave each time and always worried that I would not be able to return.


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Wellfleet Women: Del Filardi and Selina Trieff at Cape Cod Museum of Art

Since its founding, the Cape Cod Museum of Art has been collecting the work of important artists associated with Cape Cod, the Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts.

The initial impetus for the collection was to acquire and preserve at least one example of the work of each artist of importance to the region.

Heron, by Del Filardi
Heron, by Del Filardi

Over time the museum has had the opportunity to collect the work of selected artists in depth.

A new exhibition at the Cape Cod Museum of Art, Wellfleet Women: Del Filardi and Selina Trieff, focuses on two important women artists who reside on the Outer Cape and whose work is immediately identifiable: sculptor Del Filardi and painter Selina Trieff.

Pink Bird on her Shoulder,  by Selina Trieff
Pink Bird on her Shoulder,
by Selina Trieff

The exhibit will be on display from February 25 until March 25.

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From The Page
to the Stage

Eventide Arts to Reveal Secrets of the Theatre Arts in Classes for Adults Winter/Spring 2012

What's the secret to good theatre?

Have you ever thought about or actually tried to write a play? If you have, you've no doubt struggled with dialogue or how to move your characters around the stage. Or maybe you have an idea or essay that might be the basis of a good play.

What would an actor do with your dialogue? How might it get staged? What would have to happen behind the scenes?

Join Eventide Arts, in collaboration with the Cape Cod Museum of Art (CCMOA) in Dennis, and find out.

Classes will be held at the CCMOA on Hope Street and the historic Gertrude Lawrence Stage at the Dennis Union Church (DUC) on Rt. 6A.

Each session only $15
or $90 for all six
Please register early!
Call us at 508-398-8588, option 3
or email us at info@eventidearts.org

508-385-4477 www.ccmoa.org

5 East Commercial Street
Wellfleet MA


The Cultural Center of
Cape Cod

307 Old Main Street
in South Yarmouth
508 394 7100