Nickey - I just happened to check your site. BEAUTIFUL job! I cannot wait to call Yinka. Excellent!

Saralee Perel
Syndicated Award-winning Columnist
Revamped & Revitalized!
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Hello Nicola,

It's a pleasure to e-mail you in person after hearing much about you from our mutual friend Saralee.

First of all, thank you for publishing me on your beautiful website. Really. It's so sophisticated and very professional. It makes me feel that way when I see it. Accomplished. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity (which I probably wouldn't have gotten without Saralee, though I know she'll deny it) I really appreciate it!

Thank you once again for this opportunity to be published on your website. It really is pretty.

Looking forward to more correspondence,
Yinka Babalola

Hi Katie -

I just read through a good portion of the summer issue (still have more to go) and will forward the link to a friend of mine who will be visiting Cape Cod for the first time this summer. I'm so excited for her! (And envious, too.)

Thanks for publishing my piece. I'm proud to have it included.

Enjoy your Fourth of July!
Lisa Ricard Claro

Editor's Note: You can read Lisa's story about childhood summers on Cape Cod in our Summer Issue

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Dear Ms. Burnell,

Greetings from the Ocean State, Rhode Island!

I was just reading the latest edition of Cape Women Online. What a beautiful and wonderful issue. Congratulations.

I am the poet whom Kathy Kleekamp wrote about in her article about ekphrasis poetry. You recently published my article about Gladys Taber.

Thank you for such a gorgeous publication, and best wishes for continued success,

Kim M. Baker

Publisher's Note: You can read an article by Kim Baker in this issue: Everyday Sacred: How Mary Oliver's Poems Inspire Me to "Eat the Blessed Earth".

Hi Nicki,

Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful feature in Cape Women Online! It looks amazing, and I'm so honored to be your featured woman to watch!

Hope you're holiday was full of family and fun:) Please stop in to see me when you make it to my neck of the woods.

Thank you!
Taylor Brown
Fisherman's Daughter Eco-Boutique
17 Post Office Road Chatham, MA
508 292 5463

I'm delighted to find Cape Cod Women Online.

I'm a recent wash-a-shore, having moved to Centerville just before Thanksgiving after years of wanting to live on the Cape (I started visiting in 1968).

I'm a full-time writer, publishing under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction, after over twenty years of working backstage on Broadway and in theatre and film.

I found your publication because I picked up A SENSE OF PLACE at the library (I never feel like I really LIVE somewhere until I have a library card). Karri Ann Allrich's work is included in the anthology, and she and I (under the Cerridwen Iris Shea name) have been published in collections together, although we've never met.

From the anthology, I found your site. I'm also following you on Twitter (I'm @DevonEllington), the name under which I am best known.

I look forward to getting to know many more of the creative Cape Women through your site - I'm so glad it's up!

With all best wishes,

Devon Ellington

Publisher's Note: You can read an article by Devon Elligton in the Environment section of this issue: Limitless Passion to Save Marine Life

I've just had the opportunity to look at your summer issue. Needless to say, it gets better all the time. It is really a fantastic endeavor and I think you have accomplished so much with your online magazine. I'm happy to be part of it.

Thanks, also, for so kindly including me with the write-up. And SOCKS looks divine!

I hope we do well with future sales. Actually, my hometown has given me a very favorable response - friends and residents alike.

Again, my best to both of you. And have a wonderful Summer!

Margaret (Peggy) Taylor