Entrance into ...
'a Quiet and Peaceful -AGE-'

A Poem by Linda Ohlson Graham

The qualitative Mindfulness …
wE … -collectively aRe able to experience …
             as …
             a -race of people- …
could ...              in FACT …
                                prOpel us into

Has the time arrived when Humanity is able to digest the remarkable reality
of just how simple it could be to shift the Earth's vibration?

The French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin created the word 'noosphere' to describe the layer of thought that hovers above
nature and acts as a universal consciousness . . . a 'thinking envelope' that our thoughts go up to and then are reflected back.
... It's what people think of as the 'One Mind' or the 'Collective consciousness.'

My philosophy, immEdiately after I learned of Chardin's -Noosphere- in 1993 became:
If Humanity . . . consciously … with intention,
             either individually or collectively … could

1) quiet our thinking mind(s) for just a few minutes daily ...
i.e.: Just after after coffee in thE morning … a person could say 'When I realize I'm thinking … I'll intentionally let those thoughts go and I'll focus on a prayer or mantra or watch mY breath … so that I contribute quiet thE Earth's atmosphere …'

2) consciously effort at replacing judgmental thinking with positive Mindfulness that efforts at contributing to -thE good- on our Planet ...

then (I believe:) -calm + positive Mindfulness- would be reflected back to Earth, which would envelope our Planet in a peaceful and loving energy.

Incrementally I believe this is a 'Formula for WORLD PEACE' ... and a way (perhaps THE WAY) to calm our Earth's weather patterns.

Here … now … it's our choice … how exactly life unfolds …
The entire Planet could REALize … WE create thE essence of our joy.

Because we've diverged from our center ... we are heading towards Hell.

Nature is an open book to Enlightenment ... our process is to learn and read it.

Shifting erratic Global weather patterns are trying to make us REALize ...
seeds for growth and change are planted in the future.

Crisis can bring about an evolutionary leap.

There are laws of manifestation ...
We -in fact- are co-creators and can more fully actualize our experience.

As Mankind calms his 'nature' … Mother will be pleased.

from creation
breathe peace and joy and balance.

They are
what REAL-ity is made of.
Humanity chooses.

Breathing :
How conscious we are in each moment
(of our breath …
as it enters and exits our body)
determines our experience.

Letting go of thinking …
with very little effort
is an essential component.

We … as a 'collected' race of people
could enter what's called 'Heaven'.


We simply need to 'choose' it.

Heaven is a breath away

It's this close:
Look … I'm breathing.

Consciousness can be multiplied
By Mankind watching breathing.
What a concept!

An even larger concept:
Breathe in thru the crown
(the top of one's head)
Out thru the navel.
Hence: HEAVEN.

Could it be that simple?

The Earth is flying now.
Time span meaning has new dimension.
Space before us beckons.
Higher REALms are ours.

READY … JUMP. (my parachuting command 1978)

All the beings of all the Worlds are watching now
So desirous of our upliftment …
Praying to Mankind to hear the calls.
They've been in a steady stream
Beaming to our Heart's desires
Caressing what we say we want.
We could see the end continuum as clearly as they do …
Rising in the bluest skies …
Fully in our Heart for LOVE
Being one with God.

Please hold the thought with me … that Peace on Earth and calmer weather patterns …
CAN >easily happen … in a moment or two of Silence … in ENOUGH of the collective Mind.

'I have a vision for Humanity that could lead to WORLD PEACE
and calmer weather patterns'*
be heard thE same way
'I have a dream'

*May billions
be touched
by these words.

© Linda Ohlson Graham

About the author:

Linda Ohlson Graham is a member in both arts and letters of the National League of American Pen Women, and a member of the International Women's Writing Guild. Also, Linda was a member of Salt Wind Poets, the Serendipity of Women Poets, Women Creating on Cape Cod (MA), and Gulf Gate Poets and Women Contemporary Artists in Sarasota (FL). She currently lives and writes in Wellfleet.

Find her online at www.lindaohlsongraham.com and www.earthoceanheavens.com.

Contact her at eoheavens@gmail.com.

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