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Barncat offers online workshops, one-on-one editing and coaching, individualized programs for helping writers get unstuck and finish their book, special book-writing programs for independent professionals, and more.

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Traditional or Self-Publishing? The Right Path for YOU

Confused? You're not alone. With the rise of ebooks and new publishing models, the entire industry is undergoing big changes. How will this play out for you and your book? What are the options, and which ones are right for YOU?

This 3-part series is designed to help you navigate the head-spinning options available to today's writers. It will give you an overview of what you can expect, where to begin, and how to decide on your next steps.

It will also answer some of those eternal questions, such as:

- Do I need an agent?
- Will I make (or lose) money?
- What do I need to know that nobody is telling me?

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Jami Bernard

Barncat was founded by prolific author and nationally known film critic Jami Bernard to help writers find their voice and finish their books. She specializes in helping writers bring their creative vision to life and giving them the tools they need to write and troubleshoot in the future. Her books have been published by such major houses as Penguin, Warner Books and HarperCollins, and she is particularly proud of a Lois Lane comic she wrote for DC Comics, in which Lois is based on Jami's early career as a writer and editor for New York dailies.