Dear Nicola,

I recently became familiar with Cape Women Online through our mutual connection to the NLAPW (National League of American Pen Women) and have found it to be a unique, diverse resource to the Cape, connecting women with common interests, concerns and passions.

As Editor-in-Chief of the online literary publication, The Write Place At the Write Time, Member CLMP, I was drawn to the Literary page. The poem entitled "Winter Beach" by Ginia Pati, captures the exquisite dichotomy of the Cape's essence; at once wrought with both accessible beauty and endless mystery, it is affected by a serene melancholy steeped in its past while bubbling over with nature's joyful reminders to cherish the present.

I wish to convey my sincere appreciation of your enthusiasm for the arts by placing an ad for our literary publication and in doing so, spread awareness about the creative craft of writing paired with fine art. We hope to further enrich the literary experience of your readers through access to our fiction, poetry, memoir-style nonfiction, writer tools/contests and interviews with NYT best-selling authors as well as celebrated professionals in creative disciplines.

The care with which you designed the ad background and typeface with our logo and text was singular.

It is clear through your publication's many offerings and your involvement in partnering with artistic organizations that you wish to bring a rich assortment of reading and resources to your readers.

Thank you for your care and professionalism.

Kind Regards,
Nicole M. Bouchard
The Write Place At the Write Time

Cape Women in the Community:

(L-R) Jane Schaller and Nicola Burnell at the February Cape Cod Green Drinks event hosted by The Island Merchant.

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I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the article in your incredible magazine. It is so fabulous and I appreciate it so much.

Please thank anyone that worked on it also. Looking forward to meeting you.

Linda Turoczi

We love to hear from Cape Women and we appreciate your Feedback about Cape Women Online magazine.

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From our Feedback Page:

Hi my name is Sharon and I just wanted to thank Gillian Drake for creating this magazine in the first place and also to tell her and others Thank You very much for Honoring My Aunt Marion (Vuilleumier) who is a writer.

She was featured in Fall issue (2008) of Cape women Rock! She is the first recipient of the Mercy Warren Otis award the year she turned 90…Thank you all so much for Honoring her and all her accomplishments. Marion is now living in a nursing home but I'm hoping she makes it to her 94th birthday…her health is deteriorating.

I just wanted to thank you all for all you have done for her and to also thank Christie Lowrance who wrote an article about my Aunt Marion, who still lives on the Cape today. She has three other siblings, my mother Doris and her sister Priscilla and their brother David Rawson.

I live in upstate N.Y. but I always visited my Marion every Thanksgiving, I really miss the Cape! My hope is that you would pass this message on to Gillian , Christie and anyone else who helped with Honoring my Aunt On this website.

Thanks again, Sharon Morrarty (Marion's Niece)

SUGGESTIONS: A nice write up (updated version ) about my Aunt Marion Vuilleumier and alll she has managed to accomplish in her lifetime till now. Thanks again and please keep up all the great work on here.

Publisher's Note: I am very good friends with your aunt, Marion Vuilleumier. She has been a mentor and an inspiration to me for over 18 years. I visit her at Mayflower Place and have noticed her health is failing. She is always in my thoughts and Cape Cod has been improved, on many levels, because of her presence here. Thank you, Sharon, for reminding us of why we all love her so much!

Comments from our Facebook Page:

Linda Turoczi wrote: "Wonderful issue. Love all the articles and thrilled to be included. What a wonderful venue for creative women."

Patricia Monahan wrote: "Fantastic issue! Thanks for including me again!"

Gloria Burgos wrote: " very cool!"

Kathryn Kleekamp wrote: "Looked at it this morning. Beautiful work, as always. Thank you."

Fabric Creations wrote: "What a great publication, I always enjoy reading it. Thank you everyone!"

Kathryn Kleekamp also wrote: "Nickey, Thank you for a most rewarding afternoon sharing key points of Julia Cameron's, "The Artist's Way." Not familiar with the book, I could nonetheless immediately sense the power of the teachings. I hope my schedule will permit me to take the course you will be starting in April. Many thanks for the overview."

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Also from our Feedback Page:

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COMMENTS: The Winter Solstice poem was one of hope, renewal, re-birthing. It is exactly where I am, in the midst of moving forward. The words are comforting and inspiring. It reminds me that women are a unique species and as such, can provide support in ways only woman can.


My name is Mary-Christine Haigh. Since meeting Lynne Delaney at a party, I have been following your magazine with great interest. I am a writer and high school Special Education English teacher. I also work outside of the classroom as an intuitive.

My inspiration for my writing is visualized, and then activated by that which I wish to actualize; Love. For me, the act of the withholding of Love is that which causes most earthly problems within self, family, extended family, community, nation, the world. My goal is through my writings is to speak and address, through the words I pen, Matters of the Heart.

Best, Mimi Haigh

Publisher's Note: See Mimi's poem Angel of Faith in our Holistic Health Section.