Living the Dream
Embracing the Magic of the Masjah Studio

A community thrives with an expanding vision

by Tracey Crowell

There has been a deep shift occurring for some time now - a shift of consciousness from old paradigms into awareness, working together in unity and a celebration of life in all its aspects. With this shift, doors close and gateways open for new possibilities.

Masjah Studio was born in such a gateway. I just happened to be standing at the gate.

A community of like-minded women began to form out of a need for a space in which to workout, which quickly became a space of unity and belonging. The astounding synchronicities that occurred during the process are too many to share here, as family, friends, a kind-hearted landlord and people I did not even know became part of a truly magical and divinely inspired venture.

In 2009, I was working as a trainer at a personal training center, running programs at a gym, part owner/operator of a pizza shop and very busy with kids and dogs and life, oh my.

To say I was at my limit is an understatement! I used to escape upstairs from the pizza shop to an empty space that is now Masjah Studio, and just lay there, gathering my energies, meditating, regrouping. The space enveloped me, and I would leave there feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

The gym I was working at, Fit N Run, abruptly closed its doors in March 2009. People were upset, lost money, and were wandering around the parking lot... I was at the pizza shop so they came to ask me what had happened. I didn't know, but I began taking emails and writing every day, little stories of inspiration. The email list grew, and soon we had a community ready to begin!

The landlord felt horrible about all "these displaced women," so was happy to help. The ball started rolling, as they say, and all I did was follow along, making sure it stayed on track.

One of the moments that I was able to really grasp how amazing this whole endeavor was, occurred when I went to pick my youngest daughter up from a friend's house on a Thursday. On the Friday I was to meet with the bank, check in hand, to purchase the spinning bikes. I had made an offer and the bank was holding them until Friday, before putting them up for auction.

Two wonderful women had loaned me money, but I was short $500. On my drive to pick up my daughter, I looked up, as I often do when conversing with a source higher than myself, and whispered, "Ok, if this is supposed to happen, I need $500 by tomorrow!"

I walked into the friend's home to be greeted by a smile, and as my daughter ran to me, knocking me off balance with a hug, my friend reached out to hand me a slip of paper. "Tracey, I just got this check from my sister. I'd forgotten she even owed me this. I know you are trying to open a studio and thought maybe this would help, even though it is not that much."

It was a check for $500.

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The rest of Fit N Run's equipment went up for auction on a day I was traveling for work. My parents went to the auction with the intention to get what I needed, and so had many other people. At one point, my dad was having a bidding war with someone, and when he turned around to the woman he said, "I am here for my daughter Tracey!"

She replied, "Tracey Crowell? Well, so am I!" Others chimed in, "So are we!" And all the equipment was purchased on that day for the studio, without me even being there.

Within a month, we had set a date for a Saturday to paint and everyone came to help. We began teaching a few classes on April 27, with a song and a prayer, and a boom box for music, many times teaching to ourselves or to one or two people.

Students enjoying Tracey's Masjah Dance

Slowly the people came, often just wandering in like weary travelers, looking for a place to land. By May, we had a schedule and a sign!

Alex donated the stereo system, the microphone, and wired all the speakers. He purchased the door and the air conditioners. A member donated the blinds.

The studio became a bridge of sorts, between the worlds of fitness and hard core workouts and spiritual practices. The space lends itself to a wide variety of classes and workshops, and is growing – we even have a few awesome males!

Masjah Studio supports the new paradigm of collaboration and unity, while honoring individual gifts. It invites each person to discover and open to their authentic self.

This fall, Masjah Studios is entering another gateway into an expanded vision. With the shift in consciousness, new clients and practitioners are now finding the magic of Masjah and committing to help expand this amazing community with new classes, events, modalities (Reiki, massage, psychotherapy, nature programs, etc.) and events that serve to support each other and enhance one another's visions going forward.

Today, as in the beginning, everyone chips in. If something is lacking, someone provides it, as if elves come in during the night. The gym wipes are supplied, the waters are placed in the fridge and tissue boxes magically appear.

There is support, compassion and acceptance here. There is caring and community. And there is inspiration and love.

Masjah: Movement Awareness, Strength, Joy and Health, came from one of my daughters. She called me Masjah one day on the phone and I exclaimed "Masjah? How do you spell that? What does it mean?"

"It means everything, Mom. It means everything about you. It means mother and mother earth. It means loving and caring and protecting. It means always moving, always supporting, always growing."

Masjah is the Mom inside each and every one of us - the awakening goddess, the open heart, the strength of spirit.

It is Flow.

It is Creation.

For me, it is Gratitude.

Thank you, Masjah.

Coming this Fall – the NEW Masjah Center!

To read more about Masjah Studio's expansion into the Masjah Center please click here

Letter from a Masjah Client

How do I begin to express my appreciation and love for the Masjah Studio in Harwich? It gives me what no gym can give me: spiritual and emotional health as well as terrific physical health.

How did I find this hidden treasure that, as a breast cancer survivor, is helping to keep me alive and well? Three months after my cancer treatment ended, a co-worker heard me bemoan the fact that I needed to exercise, that I loved to dance, but I hated gyms.

She asked, "Why don't you dance with us at Masjah Studio on Sunday mornings?" "Ballet?" I asked. "Good God, no! We dance to all kinds of music, there isn't any dance step you have to follow, and we have a great time."

I went to "Masjah Dance" that Sunday, and I have been going religiously every Sunday since. Once I danced there, I wanted to try so many more of the studio's offerings: yoga, zumba, spinning, step, etc. etc. I LOVE THE STUDIO.

I was unhealthy and sedentary two years ago; I hated to exercise. I don't exercise at Masjah; I live, I play, I dance, I laugh, I relax, I breathe, I push myself, I stretch, I enjoy every minute of my visits.

All the instructors at Masjah are wonderful, but I must extol the work that owner, Tracey Crowell, does daily. She makes a spin class fun even when climbing hills or sprinting. She infuses her gargantuan spirit and zest into the Masjah dance classes and step workouts. She calms you and supports you in her yoga sessions. She hugs you when you need it; she places her healing hands on your sore legs when you need it; and she cheers you on when you want to give up.

I cannot say enough about how much the studio and Tracey have meant to me since April of 2011 when I first opened that welcoming door.


Tracey Crowell is the owner and operator of The Masjah Studio in East Harwich. Twenty five years in the fitness industry has given her a wide range of experience and certifications including Personal Trainer, Pilates, Spinning, Yoga ,Certified Exercise Specialist, Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor, Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master, and student of esoteric, metaphysical studies and shamanism.

Tracey has worked as a fitness professional and trainer in many gyms, created unique workouts such as XELR8 and Metabolic Training sessions, facilitated programs such as 40 days of transformation and Team Building, and co-hosted/facilitated Spiritual Retreats. She is also the creator of Masjah Dance.

Inspired by a love of dance and expertise in movement therapy, Masjah Dance is rooted in the concept of movement as expression of our deepest inner workings. It incorporates all kinds of modalities of dance and movement. Each class is different, as each participant brings her/his own rhythms to the synergy of the dance.

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