Message from Spirit

Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Beacon of Light

Sweet and gentle beings of the new dawn, this is a time for positive change and renewal.

As you prepare to celebrate all of your blessings this holiday season, remember that the greatest gift is your own ability to draw upon your inner strength as you reach new levels of your evolution.

As you grow, others will grow around you. When you shift and change your vibration to that of love and compassion, the people around you will feel this and will intrinsically want to do the same. This energy is contagious in the best way. It is meant to spread love, joy and compassion. It does catch on, so keep aware of how you are thinking about yourself and about other people.

When we are starting to evolve to higher levels of consciousness you can recognize when you are thinking negative thoughts or know why you are reacting to something negatively. You can catch yourself quite easily. This is the first step to living the path of an evolved positive and loving person.

You can get to a place where the number of negative thoughts about yourself, others, or things becomes an anomaly. A place where your mind, body, and spirit operate from an evolved state of being at all times. You will recognize that not everyone has gotten to this place, or that they have never considered going there yet.

If you do come across someone who seems lost in their negative thoughts and stuck in a negative paradigm, send them love. Your energy will give them a boost and a little jolt in hopes of helping them take the next steps upon their own evolution to becoming a more loving, joyful and compassionate person.

The transitions can be difficult, going from a negative thought-based energy system to a positive thought-based energy system, but it is where you need to go. Keep moving forward with the changes until you feel calm and peaceful most of the time.

Remember you will know when you are on this path when you recognize that you are being negative about a person or a situation. You can stop yourself and ask why am I using the negative thought-based energy for this? So send some love to yourself for using those low energy thoughts and then change the way you are thinking right away.

The negative thoughts and reactions use up too much of your vital life force energy and can deplete your health and your moods. Constantly change your thoughts and how you talk to a more positive way. You will notice that your health and moods will improve and the health and moods of the people around you will change for the better as well.

You are being asked to make these changes so you can boost the energy of the collective consciousness to a loving positive frequency. You in essence become a beacon of light for your own growth and for others to follow suit.

This holiday season, the most generous gift to give is to become a beacon of light. Let others know it is safe and healthy to be a loving and positive person. We can create a beautiful display of lights together this holiday season.

Let your positively radiant spirit shine.

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