The Rebirth of an
Entrepreneurial Nation

by Sherri Mahoney-Battles

Do you dream?

Americans have always been dreamers. Immigrants who made their way through the gates at Ellis Island were dreamers. They dreamed of a land where opportunities existed for those willing to work hard. A place where a man could work hard, earn a fair day's wage and build a life for his family.

These people came to America with dreams in their pockets and passion in their hearts, and America, she opened her arms to these dreamers. Indeed, she proclaimed, "Give me your tired, your poor/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Immigrants who found their way to her shores found a difficult life, but it was the tenacity and perseverance of these people that made America into something great.


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"Hi. What do you do?"

by Nicola Burnell

We've all been there. From holiday parties to networking events, this question is inescapable.

You have just seconds to respond.

The pressure is on to sound interesting, fabulous even. Whatever you say, it had better be good. Your answer will either open the door to more probing inquiries or slam it shut. WHAM! And the guest is off to the next person…

So how do you respond to this loaded question?

I'll be honest with you; I've been known to lie. It all depends on the situation.

If it's a professional event I'll either tell you that I'm a publisher, a writer, an editor, a teacher or a healer. All of which are true. But if I'm at a more social event, and I can smell judgment hanging in the air, I may tell you that I'm an astronaut or a firewalk instructor, the latter of which is also true.

Like many working women on Cape Cod, I don many hats. The reality of what I DO cannot be tucked into a neat little box of one title or another. What I DO is messy, sometimes heartbreaking and very often deliciously humorous.

My life is my work, my work is not my life. For this, I am truly grateful.

When it comes to defining their "work" I have found that women often get slammed by an avalanche of complicated emotions.


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Goddess Festival Celebrates the Wise Women of Cape Cod

by Pandora Peoples

Cape Cod at the holidays is a unique brew of sweet and spicy creativity with a savory aroma of community. Winter heralds a time when families gather with warm voices at public sing-a-longs, sipping hot apple cider while enjoying hayrides and holiday parades…

This is a time when gifted artisans are busily creating in their studios, exhibiting and selling their unique creations. For those of us inspired by powerful female role models, who crave the feminine energy and wisdom during the holiday season, Mother Mary embodies the sacred feminine.

The wisdom of women is in the wombs of all women, regardless of whether or not they have born children. It is that innate creativity which empowers women to multi-task with heart and soul. Female divinity is indeed undeniable and irrepressible.

Nowhere was it more apparent than at the First Annual Cape Cod Goddess Festival, held in Harwich at the HJT Arts Center over Labor Day weekend.


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