The Department of Meditation offers you the ageless wisdom and inimitable wit of our very own meditation guru, Constance Wilkinson, psychotherapist and card-carrying Buddhist.

The Department of Meditation

by Constance Wilkinson, MFA, LMHC

Holiday Edition

Generally speaking, holidays are all about cooking. Thanksgiving certainly is cooking-centric – whether stuffed-turkey-traditional, vegan, or vegetarian. So are Christmas, Channukah, and New Year's.

Main dishes, side dishes. To every holiday side dish, there is a season – hard-to-find Eastham turnips, acorn squash baked with butter and just a dab of pure Vermont maple syrup, creamed onions made from a million little teeny onions (each one so impossible to peel), fresh cranberry-orange relish, pilaf with wild mushrooms, glazed carrots, delicate haricots, Yukon Gold potatoes mashed to a high fluff, retro-odd-Southern sweet potatoes smothered in marshmallows (omg)…

There are desserts – glossy spicy pumpkin pies, yummy strawberry-rhubarb pies, Yule logs, red velvet cakes not actually made from red velvet, or the very traditional, very New England special dessert — fresh white snow topped off with (once again) pure Vermont maple syrup.

Okay, so, um, holidays, side dishes, vegetables, marshmallows – gentle readers may well be asking themselves at this point, yo, what is she on about?

Isn't this column supposed to be "the Department of Meditation"?


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Living Whole: The Way of Gratitude

by Maggie French

This was a challenging article to write. The theme sat clear before me, the winding story a blur, a clear case of writer's block.

As I sat at my breakfast counter, my husband overheard my quiet frustration and asked me what was the bother. I explained I had a holiday article to write, and while the season calls for writing about gratitude and new beginnings, I felt a calling to write of acceptance as the way to gratitude; and trust, new beginnings.

What was frustrating me was that the Muse was silent as to how to write of this feeling.

As men are want to do - provide THE answer - he nonchalantly says, "Write about your mother and father." Nothing more, simply THE answer, and walked away taking the trash to the garage. Slowly a spark smoldered and a way began to unfold.


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Cancer Q & A

with Kathy Kanavos

Ask Me Anything!

Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns
about Cancer


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A Message from Spirit

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Beacon of Light

Sweet and gentle beings of the new dawn, this is a time for positive change and renewal.

As you prepare to celebrate all of your blessings this holiday season, remember that the greatest gift is your own ability to draw upon your inner strength as you reach new levels of your evolution.


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