Blessed Mermaid of Dark Sea
Protect this Champion's Stormy Journey,
As he crosses oceanic boundaries far from my sight,
To find answers to solve problems of your Denizen's sad plight.
Let spray from your salted world's waves,
Wash and cleanse his thoughts of past days,
So perhaps, he may understand message sung through Siren's Song,
That your world need only his heart's love to become strong.
For it is within the grace of your combined loving hearts,
Champion, Denizen, Blessed Mermaid and Neptune play their part,
And soon reveal to all the world's peoples cheering on my champion; Dark Sea,
Love forged by divine alchemy is what will heal what lies beyond what he sees!

Artwork published courtesy of Tim Stetson.

Mimi Haigh is a high school special education English teacher and examiner in Kingston, Massachusetts, as well as a practicing intuitive.

Currently, she is completing her first book, Journey Such As This, which contains wondrous reflections of the cascading waves of grace she has experienced while practicing mindfulness, awareness, and understanding. This practice renews, transforms, and opens her heart to the spiraling "Pillars of Light", which is the source with whom she co-creates the words she pens in her book.

This summer she will offer intuitive readings before the Jon Stetson Ladies Only Psychic Party Monday nights at the Cape Codder in Hyannis, and monthly at Uplifting Connections in Bridgewater,

Visit Mimi 's website:

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