The Written Ripple Effect: Part One

by Nicole M. Bouchard

Developing a professional portfolio of written work is, or should be, a fairly complex and deliberate process full of fine-tuning, choice, analysis and brand-management techniques.

Writers, similar to artists, have distinct themes, styles and approaches that recur throughout their body of work.

Determining your voice, setting particular career goals and establishing certain standards that apply across the different mediums of your writing are pivotal points in the process of assembling a portfolio that represents an accurate, poignant sampling of the brand you are essentially marketing: yourself.

Whether in fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, journalism, copywriting or business writing, there should be a clearly discernible element that makes your writing unique.


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A Novel Change

by Candace Hammond

Fifteen years ago my life as I knew it ended. My marriage of almost twenty years came to an abrupt end, and suddenly I was single. I had three children, but despite their presence I was alone for the first time since I was a teen.

Having been a stay-at-home mom my world had become so small, so insular I was like a bird whose cage door was suddenly sprung open.

Gradually I began to embrace this adult do-over. As I shed weight and angst, I gained confidence and a new identity. I worked at the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School, I became a life coach, and I wrote. And wrote.

I wrote a first terrible novel, never to see the light of day, filled with the bitterness of the newly divorced, and became a vegetarian, the latter being apropos of nothing other than trying on a new life. It was a life that over time I felt comfortable with.


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Two Fishing Tales, Two Love Stories

by Yvonne deSousa

For the past 63 years in Provincetown, the last Sunday in June has been dedicated to honoring fishermen.

The town celebrates the occupation upon which it was founded with a Mass at the Catholic church celebrated by the Bishop of Fall River, a ceremonial procession of marching bands, the Bishop himself, fishermen and their families holding banners representing their family vessel, and the statue St. Peter; carried on the shoulders of the hardworking men who toil the sea.


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Making Memories on
Cape Cod

New book sparks imaginations and explorations

by Nicola Burnell

CAPE COD MEMORY MAKERS Explore the Town of Falmouth is the first in a series of interactive memory journals for children, written by Joan Walsh and illustrated by Anne Sessions Barber.

Published in the spring of 2012, this book is part tourist guide, part journal, splashed with beautiful watercolor illustrations that capture childhood moments spent touring the Town of Falmouth. With pages left blank and titled "My Cape Cod Memories," children are encouraged to record their own memories of their travels to such places as Nobska Point Lighthouse and Coonamessett Farm.

Dedicating the book "to all children who love making memories on beautiful Cape Cod," Joan and Anne hope to capture the imaginations of any child who likes to explore and record their adventures.


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Poetry for the Summer

The Heights
by Jadene Felina Stevens

Near the Sandwich Boardwalk
by Diane McDonough

Blessed Mermaid of Dark Sea
By Mimi Haig

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