Living the Dream
Transforming Lives with
Divine Designs

by Pj Fay

There's a saying: "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!"

I feel blessed to be able to say that's true for me. I love what I do… every bit of it!

I love to see my clients eyes light up with "aha!" moments, and see their smiles when they realize how simple things can be for them.

I love to see the excitement wash over them as they become more aware on every level, and to see their enthusiasm when they learn of the support and many tools available to them.

And I love to see the tears of joy when they feel the unconditional love that comes through for them. Yes, I consider myself a very lucky lady to be able to watch transformation happen in the most delightful ways!

My name is Pj Fay, and I love being in the business of conscious creating and deliberate dreaming!

Divine Designs is the name of my company and my "official mission statement" is to help others fully realize self-love and to transform themselves and their lives to their highest and best, better than they can even imagine!

So how do I do this? How do I help people transform to better than they can even imagine?

I do it with various tools and methods, and I do it by looking at the whole person, on all levels.

I see the whole picture, including the higher perspective and bigger picture. That may sound like an obvious necessity, and it is, yet it's one of the aspects that many over look.

There are other experts out there on conscious creating (whether you call it The Law of Attraction, The Secret, manifesting or other similar names) and most only work with their clients on some of the necessary aspects of manifesting. My unique abilities include all the necessary components, and that includes the Divine Angelic realm, which is absolutely essential in this field for so many reasons.

I've helped people to manifest dreams from houses to Coach hand bags and everything in between. I'll give you a little hint here…before that can kind of thing can happen you need to believe you deserve it. So that's where we'll start. That's also why awareness and increasing self-love are such basic foundational necessities.

I also work with the very basic, and so important, subconscious. I have several wonderful sessions I offer my clients, depending on where they are on their journey.

I often start with an Angel Reading, as this clears up a lot right off the bat. This is where the fog lifts, self-created blocks are seen, old patterns are revealed and unconditional love comes in and the Lights go on! Think about it. Who better to get advice from other than your own unconditional loving guidance, who already knows what you want… and who wants the best for you… and who wants better than you can even imagine for you!

I might start with the session named after my company: the Divine Designs session. This is an informative consulting, coaching and planning session that includes your Divine Guidance. Similar to an Angel Reading, this session's intent and focus are specific to what it is that you wish to consciously create.

Sometimes an energy healing session is needed. I'm a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and did energy healing for twenty years before I was very directly guided to this special modality. It's unlike anything else we have.

Using a healing frequency like all hands-on healing, this frequency is available to us for the very first time in history because of the evolutionary process we are experiencing now. It is a full spectrum, but testing and measuring equipment cannot keep up with it. This is a true gift for us all.

I also highly recommend the once-in-a-life-time-event "The Reconnection" to almost anyone I talk to. This uses the same frequency and is a powerful personal event that is also healing and so much more. Among other things, it accelerates one along their life path, removing blocks along the way.

I'm also a certified practitioner of two very effective and powerful tools: The Dynamind Technique and The One Command. Both work on all levels of the self and make change happen easily and quickly.

I offer one-on-one hour-length sessions with both these tools, giving the client these enlightening and empowering tools to take home to use daily. This is also true of my Heart Garden meditation, where you create a sacred safe place within your own heart that you can return to again and again to receive wisdom and love.

I also offer my "Relax, Release, and Receive" session. I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and this is my personal and unique hypnosis session which includes receiving Love and Light from your Angelic Guidance.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, rest assured, it's all very simple!

I simply channel the Divine for the benefit of my clients. Sometimes it's in the form of listening to messages and passing that information on, sometimes the Divine is channeled through my hands in a healing session. Sometimes the Divine gives me powerful and empowering tools to use and teach to others. My newest way to teach is through a book I've written and am currently illustrating.

I also love to teach via workshops… or should I say via "play shops"? Nothing about the Divine is hard work, only we make it seem that way sometimes!

If you have any questions or would like more information, I'd love to hear from you! Until then, trust in the Universe with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Open the door and receive even more, and better than you can even imagine!

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Tired of feeling like you're wading through molasses? Move from chaos and overwhelm into a calm and contented heart.

With gentle but effective guidance from PJ Fay and Nicola Burnell you will take a journey that nurtures you and teaches you how to create simplicity & joy in your life.

This 4 -Week Workshop is Ongoing

Tools we will be working with include:

Meditation & Positive Visualization
Make a Magic Wand
Play sheets
The Purple Feather Manifestation
Clearing the Path & Treasure Hunting

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Pj Fay brings twenty-five years of knowledge, experience and wisdom in the metaphysical and healing arts to her clients at Divine Designs.

Formerly known as Pamela Brennan and Soul Alchemy Unlimited, Pj's mission is to "help millions of people. I hope to do this via a book I've written and there a few more on the way!"

To learn more about Pj Fay and her Divine Designs please visit

You can email Pj at

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