Three Yoga Poses to Jumpstart Your Morning

by Diane Kovanda

I love yoga. The great thing about yoga early in the morning is that you don't have to get out of bed to do it. It is a great start to any day.

Some yoga purists may look down upon this concept of bed yoga, but I believe yoga can become a part of your lifestyle – not only a practice relegated to a mat.

Most mornings I tend to feel a bit creaky. While still in bed, I get myself going with my favorite slow and sleepy yoga poses.

One of the first things I do as I wake up is bring my knees into my chest. This stretches out the lower back, hips, and gives the knees a good gentle wake-up call.

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Living Whole: A Time of. . .

by Maggie French

A New Year has begun. Full, some would say, of trepidation for all that is unknown.

Is that not the future, a place unknown, that can either be full of foreboding or alive with possibilities?

What is it of the human spirit that has some excited for what might be possible "out there," and others worrisome of possible turmoil?

They are equally possible. How can we ride the present changing world and see the possibilities ahead while managing through this unfamiliar territory?

I became aware of a possible answer one morning late in the fall. I was driving along Queen Ann Road taking in the changing colors, the deep blue in the autumn sky, the brilliant red and gold of the leaves.


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A Message from Spirit

Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Winter of Silence and Solace

Dear ones of the new dawn. There is a great need for all of you to be still in a time of overwhelming noise and overstimulation of your senses.

Many of you may feel you are operating on low levels of vitality and really have to push and muster up enough energy to get even the most mundane tasks accomplished. This is due to your lack of silence and solace.


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First Light of Cape Cod

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Cancer Q & A

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