WOW for CWO! As a business owner (Web Video Specialists Global) I sometimes, well most of the time, get so wrapped up in business I don't have time to enjoy our beautiful Cape Cod. I've found your magazine to be a pool of resources for everything Cape Cod.

As an aspiring writer I am inspired to finish my book, which I started in 1996! I also have found the life stories to be very inspirational. Of course, I'm always looking for ways to improve my business and your working women have guided me.

Thank you for such a complete and interesting Cape Women Online. Keep it up!

Warm Regards,
Lenore Bavota, VP WVS Global

In Response to our Cape Women in the Community Summer Solstice Event


I LOVE YOUR MAGAZINE and as you can see, I open it immediately when it arrives. It's so wonderful of you to be pulling this together. We've needed this sort of group formation for quite a while.

Thank you, thank you.

Berta Walker
Berta Walker Gallery

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Dear CWO,

It warms my heart to see your online success, for the last 5 years you are connecting women with ideas, information, articles and classes in the community. You are a strong part of creating community on the Cape.

I had written articles for your magazine when it was made of paper (can you imagine!) and now to be able to contribute an article online feels like such a beautiful technological leap! Thank you for all you do!!

oxo Diane Kovanda

Publisher's Note: Thank you Diane! I LOVE your "What's all the Buzz?" article in this issue. The YouTube video of your bees arriving in their new home is an inspiration to watch – I can't wait to try the honey!

Read Diane's What's all the Buzz? article and view her video link here

We love to hear from Cape Women and we appreciate your Feedback about Cape Women Online magazine.

If you have an idea for a story or feature, please email Katie or Nicola.

We are currently accepting articles for future issues. Early submissions are always welcome!

I've really enjoyed the latest issue of Cape Women Online, especially the article about Carol Smilgin. I was in a writing workshop with Carol last spring, and met her at a CCWG 'Writer's Night Out,' just after she had published Provenance.

Her perseverance is inspiring. With that in mind, I'd like to submit my latest poem, Near the Sandwich Boardwalk, January 2012, for publication in Cape Women Online.

As a brief explanation, last winter I was obsessed with taking a photograph of a blue heron. I tried countless times without success; some days I saw no birds, some days I'd see one and it would fly out of camera range.

In January, I drove to the Sandwich Boardwalk and there, in the marsh grass, was a blue heron, feeding. I tiptoed quietly closer and closer, and she graciously allowed me to take a few photos. When she tired of my attention, she flew toward me, inches from my lens, over the boardwalk and beyond my sight. She was awesome!

My poem attached, expresses this moment in time. I've included a close-up of her standing in the marsh grass.

Thank you for reading my poem. I welcome any comments.

Diane McDonough

Publisher's Note: You can read Diane's poem here:Near the Sandwich Boardwalk

Hi Nicola,

I love your amazing painting on the front of the Spring issue! I had no idea you also paint. It's wonderful and so individual.

The colors are subtle, the forms dynamic! Brilliant!


Comments from our Facebook Page:

Heather Blume wrote:

What a treat to receive the Spring Cape Cod Women Issue! I can't thank Nicola enough for the way she put the article together about my mother's and my work at PAAM. I think it covers just the right amount of background and information about the intent of our work.

The director Christine McCarthy emailed me the link and one explicative, "NICE!!!"

I agree, Nicola is getting it on the page and out to the community, there are amazing women living here and I am fortunate to be among them.

Sue Ritchie wrote:

The latest Cape Women Online is looking really good :)

Susan Coyle Curley wrote:

Another great issue Nic...well done!

Mimi Haigh wrote:

Thanks for publishing my poem, Angel of Faith! I am so grateful!

Publisher's Note: You can read another poem by Mimi, Blessed Mermaid of Dark Sea in this issue.

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Hi Nicola,

The article about my mother-daughter exhibit Through Time and Place is very moving. I told Grace at PAAM about it and she printed out some copies.

I think each issue is improving too, great articles and writers. I am very taken with your artwork also. I would like to see that piece in person!

Cheers, Heather Blume

Publisher's Note: Thanks Heather. You CAN see this piece in person – it will be hanging in the "Journey through The Artist's Way" exhibit at the Guyer Barn July 5-14. I hope you can come to our opening reception on July 5th 7-9pm.

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