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Summer 2013 Contributing Writers:

Kim Baker
Susan Berlin
Stephanie Boosahda
Nicola Burnell
Nicola Burnell
Katharine Dalton
Lynne Delaney
Grace Finch
Grace Finch
Maggie French
Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos
Ginger Kimler
Alice Kociemba
Diane Kovanda
Diane LeDuc
Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Karyn McGovern
Gail McMeekin
Debbie McNaughton
Katie O'Sullivan
Michelle Pelletier
Saralee Perel
Robin Pierson
Paige Riley
Beverly Ryle
Kate Sheehan
Constance Wilkinson


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Literary Women

Literary Women

Digging for Poems: The New Cape Cod Poetry Review by Kim Baker
So you have been wondering why, with all the talented poets on Cape Cod, the Cape does not have its own poetry journal? Well, wonder no more, dear poets and poetry lovers. Welcome to Cape Cod Poetry Review!

The Write Way: The Business of Blatant Self Promotion by Katie O'Sullivan
There comes a time in every author's life when the business of writing becomes less about writing and more about… well, business.

The Healing Power of Writing by Nicola Burnell
In 1997 I launched The Healing Power of Writing. This class changed not just my students' lives, but mine too. WRITING HEALS. As a teacher, I've witnessed the undeniable healing capacity of simply pouring one's thoughts onto the page to produce poetry, memoir and fiction.

Poems from The Cape Cod Poetry Review
                Many Happy Returns by Susan Berlin
                Snapshots of Sippewissett Marsh by Alice Kociemba

Autism & Authors
"Autism's Impact on Families" Fundraising Event to Benefit Cape Cod Village

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Support Local Authors On The CWO Bookshelf

Creative Women

Creative Women

A Love Affair With Local Life by Kate Sheehan
This place is dead. There's nothing for me here. It's going to be a very long winter.
As recently as December 2011, these words travelled my brain like a ticker tape. It was from this defeatist, Eeyore-like perspective that I came back to Cape Cod to spend a few months with family.

Spark Your Creative Courage Now by Gail McMeekin, LICSW
A few years ago, I did a survey of my newsletter readers and people talked about wanting to immerse themselves in their chosen creative work and lifestyle and make it profitable.

Hyannis Harbor Summer Sounds Concert Series

Labor of Love Benefit Concert at Aselton Park

September Sounds at Hyannis Harbor

Making Driftwood Art by Grace Finch
Walking the beaches after a winter storm can be devastating to see all the erosion and dunes that have collapsed. It's an ever-changing process that has been re-shaping Cape Cod's shoreline for centuries.



The Art of Domestic Environmentalism Along The Ocean's Edge by Robin Pierson
Like Mary Oliver, I am always drawn to the ocean. On any given day, you can find me and my rescue dog Savannah walking along the beaches of the Cape Cod Canal scouring for hidden treasures.

The Cape Cod Rail Trail by Grace Finch
Your Scenic Escape From Summer Traffic

Former Teachers Embark On Cutting Edge Business Opportunity by Diane LeDuc and Stephanie Boosahda
When Stephanie Boosahda and Diane LeDuc first met at a book club meeting, seven years ago, neither would have guessed how their relationship would morph and evolve.

READER ALERT: Are Crypt Gall Wasps Killing Your Oak Trees?

Working Women

From Talking To Walking - Putting Your One Big Goal into Action by Nicola Burnell
If you're tired of spinning your wheels and circling the same old worn out issues, you're not alone. We all experience periods of feeling overwhelmed and losing focus on where we'd like to be in life.

The Rebuilding of an Entrepreneurial Nation: How to Launch a Successful Business – Nuts and Bolts by Sherri Mahoney-Battles
The success of your business is dependent on the foundation it's built upon, and a business owner that takes the time to lay down a strong foundation will avoid future pitfalls.

Searching For Work? Keep Paddling! by Beverly Ryle My husband and I own a canoe, but for years the only action we took regarding canoeing was to talk about how we ought to take it out on one of the marshes or kettle ponds before the summer ended.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Mermaid Yoga: Making Waves on Cape Cod by Diane Kovanda
To practice Yoga authentically is to be fully present and mindful of the moment, moving skillfully with the flow of life. Danielle Veseskis and Hannah Vigliano are sharing their love of yoga by taking it into the water.

The Department of Meditation, Etc.: Never Vanilla by Constance Wilkinson
We're changing Cape Women Online seasons once again, and the Department of Meditation, Etc., was feeling decidedly antsy about what to write in this here summertime column.

Living Whole: Caterpillars and Butterflies by Maggie French
There is so much insight we can gain from nature. Our challenge is to be open and aware to its lessons. Waves of air. Waves of water. All begin with transformatio.

Middle Eastern Dance: A Blissful Path to Healing by Khadija
Repressed joy, repressed sadness, repressed wildness. As women, we can identify with all of these feelings and still not know quite how to move them into our conscious awareness and give them a voice, a place in our own lives.

A Message from Spirit: Manifesting In Our Ocean of Energy Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Cancer Q & A Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns about Cancer

Life Stories

Your Foot Is Bigger by Debbie McNaughton
My summers were spent at our family cottage on Sebago Lake, in Maine. Since the age of three, I'd taken to the water like the shiners that thrived in this main source for the nearby city of Portland.

Quiet Angels on Cape Cod by Saralee Perel
There's something I don't understand. When we help others, even if it's in a tiny way, we usually feel great. So why don't we all do it?

The Gift of Grace by Karyn McGovern
Nobody enjoys unsolicited advice, but the nugget of wisdom I am about to impart is priceless and born out of significant experience: never break an ankle.

A Celebration of Life by Katharine Dalton
In the early morning of Monday, March 25, my son Chris called to tell me that my son Rob was in the hospital and unresponsive. He'd been taken there Sunday night, diagnosed with pneumonia, then had several heart attacks.

Community Action

Community Action

Waves of Voice - Avenues of Change: The Creation of a Leadership Center and Women's Museum by Paige Riley
What moves you past fear and vulnerability? For me, passion overrides my vulnerability, my self-doubt, my greatest fears and sometimes my better judgment - and I am certainly glad for that! Passion is my greatest source of inspiration.

WE CAN Expands and Thrives in New Location by Ginger Kimler
WE CAN's move less than 1.5 miles down Route 28 in Harwich Port has created the kind of positive change the non-profit is well-known for providing to Cape Cod women.

A Piece of Paper: How saying YES to an offer of help transforms a life and creates a home by Michelle Pelletier
In the Fall of 2009 I was a participant in the Pathmakers Program at WE CAN. Mary Jaynes, the Program Director of WE CAN and leader of the Pathmakers Program, was opening one of our meetings with some housekeeping- community information, announcements, and check in with our group.

Welcome to the Summer issue of CapeWomenOnline, dedicated to the fabulous women who are making waves on Cape Cod.

Our sixth year anniversary of CWO gave us a great excuse to team up with local vendors for a Launch Party and book signing with author Katie O'Sullivan at The Little Beach Gallery, in Hyannis. This event captures the essence of our magazine – bringing Cape Women together to inspire, encourage, network and share their life's journey.

Read the Publisher's Letter…

Seagull and Waves, by Rachel Ellis Kaufman

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