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Publisher/Editor: Nicola Burnell
Web Princess: Jane Schaller

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Holiday 2014 Contributing Writers:

Nicola Burnell
Lynne Delaney
Janet Eckhoff
Diane Johnson
Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos
Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Alicia Mathewson
Deborah McNaughton
Jeanmarie O’Clair
Katie O’Sullivan
Saralee Perel
Ally Piper
Alice Plouchard Stelzer
Barbara Strakele
Katrina Valenzuela
Caryn Welz-Ritchie
Constance Wilkinson


Inspire . Encourage .
Network . Share

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Literary Women

Literary Women

Excerpt from River of Stars by Katrina Valenzuela
Ritual of Awakening. Giza, Egypt
Do you know that Egypt is a copy of Heaven and the Temple of the whole world? Egyptian scribe, c.1400BC
It could be a tomb. My hotel room was so dark and silent as I lay savoring the stillness, reviewing the night’s journeys. Which was dream, which reality?

The Journey to Authorship by Alice Plouchard Stelzer
Scratch a journalist and you will usually find the desire to write a book. We have stories to tell and often feel strongly that some stories MUST be told.

The Write Way: The Buzz About Social Media by Katie O’Sullivan
“Social Media” is the buzz-word phrase for 2014. But what does it mean?

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Creative Women

Creative Women

Bass River Pottery: Celebrating the Joy of Capturing Nature’s Beauty by Jeanmarie O’Clair
So many times I’ve heard tourists say ‘how nice it is’ or ‘how lucky you are’ to make art all day. Lucky? Nice? Years ago, I asked myself what it was that I wanted to do in life and I envisioned myself creating art.

Be The Light by Alicia Mathewson
Growing up on Cape Cod, lighthouses have always been significant. It wasn’t until after my mother passed, in 2007 that I began to understand how we, as human beings, can be lighthouses.

The Magic of the Clam Flats
The Art of Collaboration: Anne Rosen Illustrates A New Children’s eBook
Wellfleet artist Anne Rosen has collaborated with storyteller Jim Wolf for the second time, and the two have come out with a brand newfangled eBook for children, The Magic of the Clam Flats.

Holiday Events at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod
Looking for a little culture this Holiday Season? Look no further than The Cultural Center of Cape Cod, 307 Old Main Street, in South Yarmouth.



I Hope You Never Meet Borrelia Miyamotoi by Diane Johnson
Borrelia Miyamotoi is the newest tick disease. Now there are 4: Lyme, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiois and closely related Anplasmosis, and Borrelia miyamotoi

New Feature: Readers’ Recipes
We are thrilled to launch our new Readers’ Recipes section. This issue celebrates some dishes made with locally grown produce and a few delicious (if not entirely healthy) readers’ Holiday favorites!

Working Women

I’m Making A List… by Ally Piper
Like the popular Christmas song suggests, I’ll be spending a lot of time making lists over the next few weeks. But I won’t just be checking them twice, instead I’ll be checking them at least 52 times over the next year.

‘Work’ Is Not a Dirty Word by Nicola Burnell
In the Holiday 2012 issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine I asked readers to consider their answer to the question “Hi, what do you do?” … Perhaps what we should really be asking is, “When you get out of bed in the morning how do you feel? Are you excited to get to work or do you dread it?”

The Rebound of Reverse Mortgages by Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Every once in a while I find myself having second thoughts about an opinion I’ve formed. Such is the case with reverse mortgages. Reverse mortgages are making a rebound, and there are some good reasons for this.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Healing the Heartache of Infertility by Lynne Delaney
My husband and I are standing in a field of tall wildflowers. Nearby we see a teenage girl with long blonde hair and a serene, kind of dreamy look. She smiles and beckons us over to admire a bush with vibrant lavender-colored petals. We exchange a glance, a shared expression of awe that this is our daughter…

The Department of Meditation, Etc. by Constance Wilkinson
More Than A Dollop Won’t Do
Making a Christmas Pudding is a ridiculous challenge, a potential triumph, a marathon, a culinary Everest, a towering feat that begs to be climbed just because it’s there, though clearly it is NOT there at all until and unless you create it. So there.

6 “Tried & True” Ways to Embrace the Gift of Holiday Love During Crisis by Kathy O’Keefe Kanavos
Celebrating the holidays is a wonderful way to distract us from our treatments, illness and crisis. Trouble does not take time off for celebrations or holidays and neither should you.

A Message from Spirit Channeled by Lynne Delaney
The gift is you…
Great Beings of the New Dawn, this is a good season to celebrate the knowledge that you are a gift from the Universe and you are a gift to the Universe.

Life Stories

Christmas 1957 by Barbara Strakele
We set up the Christmas tree on a Saturday in December. My four siblings and I had been pestering our parents all week because it seemed as if everyone else except us had decorations showing through their windows. Our dilemma was how to make space for the tree in the living room.

A Girl’s First Christmas by Saralee Perel
Thirty-seven years ago, a young girl made Christmas cookies for the very first time in her life. All of the cookies came out of the oven looking beautiful . . . except for one.

Sara’s Christmas Puppies by Caryn Welz-Ritchie
December 25, 2001, was the first Christmas we spent in our Cape Cod home. We had bought the house five years earlier but didn’t move here until 2001.

A Hidden Gift by Debbie McNaughton
The year of my sixth Christmas had arrived. I’d decided dolls were for babies. I was older now and fancied an outer space hero…a robot!

Community Action

Community Action

Celebrating the Community of Women by Janet Eckhoff
Thirty Years of Ladies’ Cape Week
Thirty years ago, while working as a marketing executive at GM in Michigan, I met my college friend Kate for a weekend getaway on the Cape.

Holiday Cookie Stroll in Historic Bass River
A Benefit for the South Yarmouth Library
The Ninth Annual Holiday Cookie Stroll will take place on Saturday, Dec. 13, from 10am – 3pm rain or shine, in historic Bass River, South Yarmouth.

Holiday Happenings around Cape Cod
The CWO Holiday Elves have rounded up details of your local Holiday events to help you plan your festivities. Our Holiday Happenings schedule lists (in alphabetical order by town) fun things to do from Bourne to Provincetown.

The Cape Cod Center for Women
The Cape Cod Center for Women (CCCFW) is the only emergency shelter for women and children fleeing domestic abuse on Cape Cod and the Islands. We provide services for battered women and their children. We are a Beacon of Hope.

Welcome to the Holiday Issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine, where we celebrate our final issue with a fabulous collection of wonderful articles, stunning artwork and (drum roll please) readers’ recipes that are sure to get you in the holiday mood. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the end of CapeWomenOnline - our CWO community is stronger than ever - we are NOT going anywhere!

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Winged Victory, by Dianne Corbeau, Oil on Canvas, 36" x 24"

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