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Publisher/Editor: Nicola Burnell
Web Princess: Jane Schaller

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Spring 2014 Contributing Writers:

Jill Abraham
Kim Baker
Cindy Barg
Christine Briscoe
Nicola Burnell
Lindsay Cook
Tessa D'Agostino
Lynne Delaney
Yvonne deSousa
Diane DiGennaro
Janet Eckhoff
Julie Flanders
Darby Hobbs
Mary Ince
Helen Jacobson
Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Alicia Mathewson
Debbie McNaughton
Patricia Monahan
Geri Moore
K.S. Mueller
Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos
Katie O'Sullivan
Saralee Perel
Bonnie Perry
Pamela Purdy
Beverly Ryle
Wendy Shreve

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Literary Women

Literary Women

A Midwesterner's Love Letter to Martha's Vineyard by Julie Flanders
In the summer of 2010 I was 41 years old and feeling unfulfilled and adrift.

From Books to Shots: How a chronic illness lead me to my passion by Yvonne deSousa
I grew up a bookworm, an inherited condition from my bookworm mom.

The Write Way: Sowing the Seeds to Grow a Book by Katie O'Sullivan
Spring is the time of renewal and new growth. Time for planting seeds and nurturing them into being.

Spring Poetry: Prospecting by Diane DiGennaro

How Writing Saved My Sanity by Wendy Shreve
In ancient Greece, I would speculate, playwriting must have been therapeutic, as well as a form of political protest.

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Creative Women

Creative Women

Origins of Existence by Nicola Burnell & Tessa D'Agostino
Sometimes you just fall in love with the work of an artist. It's a physical, emotional and spiritual reaction to a piece of work that can begin a journey into the very soul of its creator.

My Search for Silence by Mary Ince
The waiting is killing me. This is the second year I've applied for the Outer Cape Artists in Residence Consortium (OCARC) program.

Elvis, Supremes, Alicia Keyes: Cape Harmony Sings Them All and Does Beat Box Too! by Kim Baker
Take ten golden-toned voices. Put them in a house together on Cape Cod for the summer. Leave these female singing divas to doo wop, croon, ballad, pop sing, and beat box all day long. A cappella.

My Renewed Passion by Helen Jacobson
I have a painting studio on the third floor of an old converted factory building which used to house Waltham Mills, but is now home to the River Street Artists Cooperative.



NewFarm: An Invitation to Embrace Sustainability by Lindsay Cook
For as long as I can remember I have witnessed a growing disconnect with community, with nature, and with the production of our food.

Exploring Climate Change through Art at the Cotuit Center for the Arts
eARThchange, a visual interpretation of the environmental, social and political impacts of climate change will be on display at Cotuit Center for the Arts, in the upstairs gallery, April 3 through May 4, 2014.

Gardening in Pots by Janet Eckhoff
I recently read in Fine Gardening magazine that garden design is the slowest of all performing arts. Gardeners must have patience and sometimes wait years to see their work shape into something resembling their original idea.

Spring Poetry: Quenched by Diane DiGennaro

Working Women

Climbing a Different Ladder by Christine Briscoe
Not long ago, I was firmly rooted in what was a very successful career in human resources.

A Passion for Passports: Working in the Student Travel Business by K.S. Mueller
By the time this is published, we'll be opening our home in Eastham after another long winter's absence.

Your Money Matters: The Ghosts in Your Financial Closet by Sherri Mahoney-Battles
As the year 2014 sweeps into our lives many of us embrace opportunity of a clean slate and the promise of some healthy changes.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Reaching For the Heart of Happiness by Jill Abraham
The Universe Is Magical! If you open your eyes to see all the signs, you will find that your destiny is calling to you every single day.

Planting Seeds on the New Moon by Alicia Mathewson
I am passionate about the moon: how it looks in the sky, where it is in its phase, and what it teaches me about myself, the world, and the cycles of nature.

Bikram Yoga: Hot, Healthy and Healing by Patricia Monahan
I'm sitting in traffic on a hazy, August Cape Cod afternoon, with water beading on my forehead.

A Call to Action: Living Compassionately by Cindy Barg
I never expected to be swept back into my own spiritual tradition when I visited an Ashram in India, in 1974.

A Message from Spirit: Passion springs from the Root of our Soul
Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Cancer Q & A Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns about Cancer

Life Stories

A Passion for Writing at Any Age by Saralee Perel
A few years before I turned fifty, I made a major career change.

Hair Peace by Beverly Ryle
A few days after my first granddaughter's birth, I held her in my arms, looked down at the tousled black full head of hair she came into the world with and said a silent prayer. "Please don't let her waste as much of her life fussing and worrying about her hair as I have."

Journey to Avalon: Collecting a Bouquet of Wisdom by Bonnie Perry
My sacred journey to Avalon was life changing. I experienced openings, shifts, and new awareness physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Love Letters from Italy by Pamlea Purdy
August 16, 2013 Dear Madam, I am sorry to bother you with this message but I saw you are related to William Rodney Conner who died in Italy March 3, 1945.

Conversations with Albert: Two Ski Masks, Please by Debbie McNaughton
"Good morning, Al. Hazelnut today? Yeah, Yeah, sometimes you feel like a nut…sometimes you don't. Let's see what the crows are up to today."

Community Action

Community Action

Kernel of Growth: Communities Changing Business Models by Darby Hobbs
Planting the seed. Knowing when to sow. Learning how to leverage the strength from within.

An Unplanned Succession Plan A Personal Essay by Geri Moore
In the spring of 2011, I attended a workshop sponsored by my soon-to-be ex-employer.

Cape Abilities announces the 2014 Cape Abilities 5K Walk/Run

Welcome to the Spring Issue of CapeWomenOnline! After months of bone chilling wind, rain and snow, the frozen earth has finally thawed and Cape Cod is now sprinkled with splashes of yellows, blues and purples. If you're feeling winter weary and desperate for warm, sunny days we hear you – so are we!

In this issue we celebrate the return of spring with articles that feature what Cape Women are passionate about and how they have planted seeds that are already growing deep roots.

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Photograph by Maureen Grandmont

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