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Publisher/Editor: Nicola Burnell
Web Princess: Jane Schaller

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Holiday 2013 Contributing Writers:

Kim Baker
Jane Bourette
Nicola Burnell
Lynne Delaney
Grace Finch
Deb Flohr
Maggie French
Tina M. Games
Jonnie Garstka
Felicity Henson
Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos
Kathryn Kleekamp
Diane Kovanda
Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Debbie McNaughton
Olivia H. Miller
Katie O'Sullivan
Saralee Perel
Pamela Purdy
Jessamy Scovil
Wendy Shreve
Colorado T. Sky
Linda Steele
Jill Tallady
Constance Wilkinson


We publish five seasonal issues of CapeWomenOnline Magazine:

Winter Spring Summer Fall Holiday

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Poached Pear with Flair

Keeping the Wedding Local

Edith Lake Wilkinson's Art in Provincetown

Nancy Nicol

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Literary Women

Literary Women

Journaling through the Holidays by Tina M. Games
How Personal Writing Can Ease Stress and Bring More Joy to the Season

Embracing the Challenge of NaNoWriMo by Felicity Henson
Writers blast through blocks during the National Novel Writing Month of November

The Write Way: Patience and the Art of Baking Cookies by Katie O'Sullivan
One of my favorite parts of the Holiday season is baking Christmas cookies and treats. The scent of cinnamon wafting through the house is one of those things that means Christmas to me…The best things in life require a little work and a little more patience…

The Dune Hollow Writers Presents SHADOW & LIGHT
An evocative collection of short stories and poems presented by seven unique feminine voices

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Support Local Authors On The CWO Bookshelf

Creative Women

Creative Women

90 YEARS LATER…The Triumphant Return of Edith Lake Wilkinson's Art to Provincetown by Nicola Burnell
The opening reception of this historic exhibit at the Larkin Gallery in October was unlike anything I've ever experienced before.

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Emancipation Proclamation by Pamela Purdy
As an artist who created the series, Icons of the Civil Rights Movement, I felt driven to create an icon of The Emancipation Proclamation. The unfulfilled promise of that proclamation 150 years ago led to the Civil Rights Movement.

Winter Magic at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod
Kick of the New Year with a color and creativity with these wonderful programs and events!

The Art of Holiday Baking Readers share their Creative Holiday Recipes
             Poached Pears with Flair From the kitchen of Deb Flohr
            Old Fashioned Cranberry Tart From Kathryn Kleekamp's Cape Cod and the Islands                                                                 ~ Where Beauty and History Meet
            Spicy Holiday Pear Cake From the kitchen of Jill Tallady
           Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies From Linda Steele's cooking collection Meet Me in my                                                                 Cape Cod Kitchen



Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me? by Olivia H. Miller
The Bird Watchers General Store in Orleans is a local treasure. One of the first "everything under one roof" birding stores, it's a fun place to visit even if you can't tell a bluebird from a blue jay.

NEW COLUMN ALERT! What's Happening To Our Environment?
Not all Seaweed is Created Equal by Katie O'Sullivan
In the second installment of this new column, where we explore issues that are not getting enough press time, we look at damage caused to Cape Cod's beaches by the Codium seaweed invasion.

After She Hears the News Poem by Kim Baker

Working Women

A Return to the Days of Lay-a-way! by Sherri Mahoney-Battles
During the holiday season I was surprised to hear stores like Sears and K-Mart promoting their lay-a-way service. I have a two-fold fascination with this new marketing tactic the first being purely nostalgic.

End-of-the-Year Money Moves Presented by Jane Bourette
Here are some things you might want to do before saying goodbye to 2013

Looking for work on Cape Cod?
WE CAN now offers Free One-to-One Work Support Consultations and Monthly Work Support Meetings

Three Key Things I Learned From My Mother by Diane Kovanda
Sitting in a café with my friends I asked this quest, "I'm writing a story about three things my mom taught me about work ethics. What did your mom teach you?"

An Office in Other Worlds by Lynne Delaney
Most working women head off to the workplace, where, for the most part, they know what to expect, what needs to be done and who they will be working with. My work day is very different in that I have no idea what can happen, or who will come through the spiritual door.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Holiday Recipes Revisited by Jessamy Scovil
The recipe for a wonderful holiday may lie in what you give to yourself

Living Whole: The Most Desired Gift by Maggie French
The seasonal escapades are about to begin. We will create list upon list of things to be done to celebrate, enjoy, get through, and endure the next six weeks. Our lists will no doubt include the well-known "Gift List."

The Department of Meditation, Etc. And a Holiday Partridge in a Holiday Pear Tree by Constance Wilkinson
It's the CWO Holiday Edition once again. Several celebrations manifest in this season, most involving food, and some involving the giving of gifts. So here goes. My first gift to you via this column is the gift of Review.

A Message from Spirit: Start with your Heart Channeled by Lynne Delaney
Dear magnificent ones of the new dawn. You are being called to celebrate every gift in your life right now.

Cancer Q & A Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns about Cancer

Life Stories

Will's Heart by Jonnie Garstka
In January of 2012, my daughter-in-law Cindy, a beautiful, vibrant 41-year-old was diagnosed with breast cancer. She met the challenges of this disease the way she faces her everyday life; with grit, intelligence and humor.

Still Beside Me by Debbie McNaughton
A large glass of milk and twelve Toll House cookies sat on a holiday tray in the middle of the coffee table, awaiting Santa and the reindeer.

Father Christmas by Wendy Shreve
Until four years ago, I was the Christmas cheerleader of the family. I rallied the troops, usually our limited extended family, and spread holiday cheer either in person or far across the world.

Holiday Hints to Chuck Out by Saralee Perel
Must we be barraged every holiday season by those annually irritating experts who suggest we deny ourselves everything from one lousy cookie to a single piece of pie?

Community Action

Community Action

In Love & Living Local by Grace Finch
When I received my save-the-date invitation to the wedding ceremony of a dear friend of mine I was thrilled at their choice of location.

Christmas (revised and revisited) Poem by Colorado T. Sky

Holiday Happenings around Cape Cod
Support your local store owners this Holiday season! Enjoy hot chocolate and cookies while you browse for gifts at Cape Cod's annual Holiday Strolls.

Celebrating the Holidays at Highfield Hall & Gardens
Top decorators and designers showcase their talents in the elegant rooms of Highfield Hall beginning November 29, in an annual event that offers a little something for everything this holiday season.

Kick Off the Holidays with a Holiday Cookie Stroll in Historic Bass River
The Eighth Annual Holiday Cookie Stroll will take place on Saturday, December 14, from 10am-3pm, rain or shine, in historic Bass River, South Yarmouth.

Join us for the 24th Annual National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day, December 21, 2013

from our family to yours
CapeWomenOnline magazine

Welcome to the Holiday issue of CapeWomenOnline, where we look at how you might enjoy this festive season without losing your mind!

Within a few days of announcing our theme on September 1, every section of this issue was booked up by readers who had plenty to say about why they love being 'Home for the Holidays' on Cape Cod. From sharing favorite recipes, to humorous and poignant family stories, this issue will warm your heart and soul.

Read the Publisher's Letter…

Photograph by Jen Villa
The Little Beach Gallery

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