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Web Princess: Jane Schaller

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Winter 2014 Contributing Writers:

Kit Bakke
Cindy Barg
Linda Bartosik
Jane Bourette
Nicola Burnell
Christine Mockler Casper
K.R. Conway
Lynne Delaney
Janet Eckhoff
Grace Finch
Maggie French
Joan Graham
Maureen Grandmont
Mimi Haigh
Darby Hobbs
Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos
Ginger Kimler
Shayna Mahoney
Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Debbie McNaughton
Christine Mercer
Geri Moore
Katie O'Sullivan
Saralee Perel
Irene Rabinowitz
Janet Murphy Robertson
Caryn Welz-Ritchie

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Literary Women

Literary Women

Book Marketing 101 by K.R. Conway
You've finally finished your novel. A beast that has been edited no less than ten times and torn apart at least twice that number

Reaching Beyond the Shores of Traditional Publishing by Nicola Burnell
The Provincetown Public Press is a ground-breaking new digital press that launched its first publications in November of last year.

Knuckles: The Way to a Better Me by Debbie McNaughton
"Debbie, you're a talented writer with good material. Like a rose bush, you just need pruning!" These words appeared on the first page of my new book - I think that was a compliment.

The Write Way: Passion by Katie O'Sullivan
What's the biggest difference between reading a book that's okay, and being sucked into a book so completely that you barely have time to come up for air? Passion.

"Elegy for Paula" Book Review by Ginger Kimler
Chatham-based author M. A. Dennison sweeps her readers into a world of deception and lies.

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Creative Women

Creative Women

Embracing The Contemporary: "ALL ABOUT SEVEN" by Janet Murphy Robertson
ALL ABOUT SEVEN is a playground for the imagination. If ever there was a kid in you who wanted to explore different visions of reality, here is your opportunity.

Discovering A Passion for Photography by Maureen Grandmont
Like a bee gathering nectar from flower to flower, I have spent a lifetime flitting from one art activity to another in search of the perfect fit, ever seeking just one more craft project to quench my artistic thirst.

Winter Theater Happenings Around Cape Cod Support your local theater this winter!
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Winter Gardening Tips by Janet Eckhoff
Gardening is my obsession. I even dream about it. My husband and I moved to Cape Cod from Detroit, three summers ago, where we had lived most of our lives. We bought a house in Yarmouthport with an overgrown, neglected garden.

The Historic Appeal of Nature by Kit Bakke
I like walks that mix history with scenery and Cape Cod is full of them. A native Seattleite, I am lucky to have friends and relatives on the Cape who have introduced me to many of its peripatetic pleasures.

A Passion for Nature by Grace Finch
When I received the topic of the Winter Issue, Passion, I was immediately flooded with emotions.

Working Women

Using Emotional Intelligence to Increase Motivation by Christine Mockler Casper
As you prepare for 2014, it is an appropriate time to reflect and plan for discovering your uniqueness, strengthening your resolve, revealing and using your untapped potential, forging new relationships and designing dreams that you can turn into realities.

Legacy Planning for Women Presented by Jane Bourette
Think about the eventual destiny of your wealth.

Our Parent's Taxes by Sherri Mahoney-Battles
This tax season brought a record number of clients burdened with the added responsibility of dealing with their aging parent's tax situation.

Collaborating Through a Holistic Lens to Communicate the Conscience of the Financial Services Industry by Darby Hobbs
The financial services industry, from my vantage point, has not done a very good job at engaging the consumer in realizing that they control and should control the destiny of their investments. There generally is no brand appeal or understanding of the preferences of the consumer as an investor.

P Is For Passion...Click Click Click by Linda Bartosik
Click. Click. Click. There's no place like home. Follow your passion. Find your passion. It's the pathway to happiness, so goes the recent hype.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Loving Your Health by Shayna Mahoney
How passion lights the fire in our hearts and minds for what we truly desire for ourselves.

Living Whole: The Bareness of the Tree by Maggie French
This year's theme, passion, evoked in me the question, "Where does passion reside?"

The Fine Art of Teaching by Mimi Haigh
Softly resting upon my comfy couch which has captured me once again, I stare into the ethereal flames dancing and lapping at the glass door of my space-heater's simulated fireplace.

A Message from Spirit: Spark of Inner Passion Channeled by Lynne Delaney
Dear beings of the New Dawn, your very lives are special gifts that your souls chose to step into with curiosity, challenge, joy and excitement.

Cancer Q & A Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns about Cancer

Life Stories

Cousin Pam Has Cancer by Christine Mercer
My beloved Cousin Pam has cancer. Here is the thing - there are perhaps three or four people in the world who make up my soul, and Cousin Pam is one of them.

We Cannot Know The Capacity Of Our Love Until That Love Is Challenged by Cindy Barg
In 1971, I was in a very tragic car accident where I was confined to a hospital bed for three months, grasping for any threads of existence left inside of me.

Caryn's Big Adventure Part One & Part Two by Caryn Welz-Ritchie
While you are reading this, I will be in Belize.

Cape Cod Passions in Contrast by Saralee Perel
It's only in comparison to the marvelous Cape summers that the winters seem so long. Frankly, they're never long enough for me.

Endings Have to Begin Somewhere by Joan Graham
At the age of 14, at my progressive Quaker boarding school in New Hampshire, in addition to geometry and other academic subjects, I learned how to cook, milk cows, make butter, and shovel chicken manure. One thing I did not learn, or have any interest in learning, was how to weave, although there were looms and a teacher ready and willing to teach.

Community Action

Community Action

Harboring A Passion for Helping Our Women (HOW): Reflections on Retirement by Irene Rabinowitz
Like so many other Cape Codders who came from elsewhere, when I moved to Provincetown during the winter of 1986/87, there was no real plan for the future.

The Cape Crusader for Later-Life Ladies: A Personal Essay by Geri Moore
The young and perky career counselor had me trapped in a job-related word cloud. Self-direction, LinkedIn, effective resume, transferable skills, networking. . . blah, blah, blah.

Celebrating Community Connections by Nicola Burnell
Since October, 1985, Community Connections has been working to fulfill its vision of being "a thriving, unified organization in which all people are active, involved and empowered".

Welcome to a fabulous New Year and the Winter Issue of CapeWomenOnline, where we look at what Cape Women are truly passionate about. Cape Cod's beloved poet, Mary Oliver, captures our theme of PASSION for 2014 when she asks, "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

What indeed? If you have yet to discover your passion then why not make 2014 the year you examine what you love to do and where your dreams might take you? What are you waiting for?

Read the Publisher's Letter…

The Icy Square, by Marsha Lieberman

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