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Publisher/Editor: Nicola Burnell
Web Princess: Jane Schaller

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Summer 2014 Contributing Writers:

Jill Abraham
Joan Anderson
Kim Baker
Kathy Butterworth
Maggie Davis
Lynne Delaney
Janet Eckhoff
Tina M. Games
Mimi Haigh
Christina Laurie
Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Patricia Monahan
Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos
Katie O'Sullivan
Saralee Perel
Shirley Pieters Vogel
Stacey Richmond
Beverly Ryle
Kelly A. Shanahan
Mary Stack
Phyllis M. Washburn
Constance Wilkinsn
Lauren Wolk

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Literary Women

Literary Women

The Birth of a Book by Christina Laurie
Writing a book is the easy part. That is, after you tweak the characters, revise and edit and revise and cut and rewrite and revise.

The Write Way: Taking your Manuscript to the Next Level by Katie O'Sullivan
Navigating the Dreaded Synopsis. Ah, the lazy days of summer are upon us. Time for kicking back and reading a favorite beach book or poolside novel. In this column, however, we've been talking about writing your own book.

Summer Poetry
We love to receive reader's poems! In this issue we feature the poetry of Kathy Butterworth, an active member of the Moors Poetry Collective:

In The Red Cedar Savanna
My Child is Sick
My Grandmother Teaches Me to Make Raisin Rolls

Beach Visit poem by Phyllis M. Washburn

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Creative Women

Creative Women

Writer, Performer, Truth Teller: Christine Rathbun Ernst by Kim Baker
I first heard Christine perform poetry at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. Open mic. She laid down a poem so emotional and honest that I left wondering who this powerhouse was.

Time to Embrace Your Unlived Life: Design a Second Journey by Joan Anderson
The call to a second journey commences when unexpected change is thrust upon you, causing a crisis of feeling so great that you are stopped in your tracks.

A Cultural Summer Sampler by Lauren Wolk
Trying to describe the summer events at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in under 1000 words is like trying to fit an elephant in a thimble.

HyArts Summer Sounds Series
FREE summer concerts in Hyannis run through July & August on Main Street, the Village Green, at Aselton Park & Hyannis Harbor



Composting: The Key to Successful Gardening by Janet Eckhoff
When I started gardening, thirty years ago, the idea of composting was not just foreign, it was considered weird.

The Art of Eating Well by Maggie Davis, MS, RD, LDN, FADA, FAND
What do the colors on your plate tell you about your health? Are there vibrant colors in your diet only because the fast food you buy comes colorfully wrapped? Or are your meals filled with the natural color and beauty of a variety fruits and vegetables?

Farmers Markets around Cape Cod & the Islands
If you love the smell of fresh fruit and vegetables in your kitchen then relax - we have compiled a full list of local Farmers Markets for you.

Working Women

What Are Your Money Beliefs? Looking at How Wealth Has Been Defined in Your Life by Tina M. Games
Whether we realize it or not, many of us are stuck in a "money pattern" that affects everything we think, see, and do around money.

How old would you be? by Beverly Ryle
Every few years or so, I engage in some form of creative exercise to refresh and renew my business (and myself in it).

The Gift of Time by Sherri Mahoney-Battles
Almost all of us wish for more money, yet we often over look the long-term effects that time has on our money. Money spent wastefully or unnecessarily over a long period of time can amount to some serious cash.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Plant Wisdom Teaches Body Wisdom by Stacey Richmond
Driving along the Cape, summer is finally here. Looking at all the beautiful flowers and gardens it's hard to believe the transformation from barren landscape to lush growth, full of life and vitality.

Tending to your Passions by Jill Abraham
If you love it, then it's your passion. If you follow the inner voice that leads you, it will take you where you want to be.

The Department of Meditation, Etc. Passion, You Say? by Constance Wilkinson, LMHC, MFA
I hear that passion is the theme of all seasons. Passion? Passion, you say?

Thoughts on the Meaning of Passion by Mimi Haigh
What is passion? I hold to the Universal Belief that Passion, the Elixir of Life, is a Gift of Grace that lays dormant in all children from each of The Great Mystery's Kingdoms.

A Message from Spirit: Release the Old and Renew Your Life Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Cancer Q & A Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns about Cancer

Life Stories

A Passion for Keeping Busy: Remembering my Mom by Katie O'Sullivan
My mother died on the last day of winter, March 19, 2014. She had lung cancer, and died at the age of 72.

Requiem for a House by Mary Stack
How is it that we assign qualities or character to an empty space? But we do. Safe, solid, spacious and sacred - these are the words that I would use to describe my old house.

Ears to Ya! by Shirley Pieters Vogel
I've always hated my right ear. It sticks out. Just like my mother's. Imagine her excitement at my birth – her first child and the girl she wanted.

A Mind Full of Clutter by Saralee Perel
Last week, instead of heading home on the highway, my husband, Bob, and I took an extra 10 minutes and drove along Route 6A. We passed gorgeous cranberry bogs, stately stone walls and yards filled with roses. All through the drive, I cried.

Community Action

Community Action

Riding the Last Gasp by Patricia Monahan
The spring of 2013 found me adrift in a sea of transition, like many women for generations before me.

Social Security: What is Your Strategy? by Kelly A. Shanahan
Unless you were looking, you probably didn't notice a few changes with Social Security.

Register for The Last Gasp bike ride to benefit Team WE CAN/United Way.

Welcome to the Summer Issue of CapeWomenOnline! We continue our year-long Passion theme with a collection of articles by Cape Women who tended to their passions until they became reality. This issue celebrates their success and illustrates the incredible power behind their commitment to their goals.

Here are some highlights:

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Photograph by Alexa Johnson

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