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Fall 2014 Contributing Writers:

Marlene T. Bell
Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe
Lisa Ricard Claro
Lynne Delaney
Janet Eckhoff
Joan Graham
Darby Hobbs
Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos
Johanne Kieffer
Dr. Natalie Mariano
Lisa Markley
Alicia Mathewson
Deborah McNaughton
Patricia Monahan
K. S. Mueller
Nancy Nicol
Katie O'Sullivan
Michelle Pelletier
Saralee Perel
Angela Persechino
Beverly Ryle

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Literary Women

Literary Women

WRITE NOW: A Free Writing Group for Women Who Live With Cancer by Dr. Natalie Mariano
Writing about something that upsets you can make you feel better. Whether it's an email to your best friend complaining about your boss, or a six-page entry into your journal about how frightened you are about having cancer, once the words are on the page, you feel a sense of relief just to have given words to your feelings.

Tick, Tock…It's Later Than You Think by Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe
If not now, when? If not me, who?
These and other well-known phrases repeated in my head, growing louder and more insistent, like demanding toddlers begging for attention. The pages of the rough draft of my manuscript, yellowed and curling at the edges, languished on the dusty desk I'd searched for months to find.

Perils and Possibilities: Entering a Playwriting Competition by Joan Graham
I went to Toronto in May and asked a New York friend if I could stay with her one night on the way up and one night on the way back. She agreed and said that, coincidentally, when I returned she would have a houseguest from Toronto, a transgender woman who had "breasts she loved but still had balls." Would I be okay sharing the living room, which had a couch and a daybed? Yes.

The Write Way: Query Letters: First Impressions Count by Katie O'Sullivan
A query letter is like your first introduction at a cocktail party. You want to make a good impression – you know, smile, make eye contact and have a firm handshake. At the same time, you don't want to be too forward, nor do you want to sound like you don't know what you're talking about.

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Creative Women

Creative Women

Cultivating My Art's Passion by Angela Persechino
My practice of making art continues to be the same as it always has been…a visual diary.

Embracing the Art of Downsizing by Nancy Nicol
Monthly payments, home improvement loans, septic pump-outs, water bills, taxes and upkeep have shadowed me for the fifty years I've owned properties on Cape Cod.

Neva Hansen: 50+ Year Retrospective
Larkin Gallery is honored to host a 50 year Retrospective of Neva's work that will highlight different stages of the artist's development from the 1950's to the present.



It's The Food, Stupid! by Janet Eckhoff
When Mireille Guiliano published French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure, she began a conversation about food, lifestyle and health that might just be worth paying attention to.

Sustainable Thinking and Living: How It Connects Citizens and Communities by Darby Hobbs, CEO & Founder SOCIAL3
Intellectual curiosity. Not everyone possesses it. But, how do you get it? It's not something that you lose and recapture, then keep close to your heart. You either have it or you don't.

Working Women

Do Not Follow Your Dream by Lisa Ricard Claro
Follow your dream. Chase your dream. Go in the direction of your dream. Notice the trend? The juxtaposition of words? These trite phrases all have something in common, and it isn't limited to their nebulous optimism.

The Working Women Behind Cape Cod Coffee Roasters by Lisa Markley
Molly and Cate MacGregor are making important decisions. They huddle over their computers at their respective desks, just two feet apart, continually updating one another on their work, asking for and sharing opinions.

What Do You Want? by Beverly Ryle
What do you want?
If you think it's an easy question to answer, try this: write the words "I want" on successive lines of a legal pad or a piece of ruled notebook paper and make a complete sentence out of each, all the way to the bottom of the page.

Harvesting A Passion For Traveling With Dogs by K. S. Mueller
I've been all over Western Europe and parts of the Caribbean for my work, but my big dream is to buy a small RV and take road trips with my dogs right here in the U.S.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health

A Healing Shift in Energy by Johanne Kieffer
A woman I knew, whom I'll call Tina, was a boisterous spinster of 68 years with no partner, no living family or friends. She was diagnosed with inoperable uterine cancer at the end of June.

Sweet September by Alicia Mathewson
I remember the first September when I was back living on Cape Cod year round. It was so sweet. The crowds left, the air was crisp and I had just healed out of another transformational period in my life that had felt very difficult.

SAMHAIN: Fall Equinox - Day of Reckoning by Marlene T. Bell
My house is quiet except for Swan Lake, a crescendo of sound rising from the little radio in my kitchen. I think Tchiakovsky wrote the music on just such nights, a pas de deux from the lap of chaos.

A Message from Spirit: Be Passionate about the Harvest within you! Channeled by Lynne Delaney

Cancer Q & A Kathy O'Keefe Kanavos addresses your concerns about Cancer

Life Stories

Dingle Dreams: Why 'Now is the then we were waiting for' by Mary-Elizabeth Briscoe
At first glance, ours might read like the typical bucket list story of two middle-aged women packing up and moving to a foreign country. But it's not. Living in Ireland was never something my sister Christine and I hoped to do one day before we die.

Healer Heal Thyself! How I healed myself from a severe cat allergy with love, determination and Holistic Health by Lynne Delaney
I had always wanted a black cat since I was a little girl, but that was not an option for me as I had severe allergies and got asthma attacks from cats, a reaction so strong that it occasionally sent me to the hospital.

Paying it Forward is Great! by Saralee Perel
When I told my husband, Bob, what I've been doing, he said, "If you tell others, they could feel as good as you."

Come Home by Deborah McNaughton
Welcome to Cape Cod. I passed the sign; the Bourne Bridge looming large before me. Gripping the steering wheel of my rental car, I entered the rotary full throttle.

Community Action

Community Action

Team Up for Habitat! by Patricia Monahan
Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod (HHCC) holds a special place in my heart. It is because of this wonderful organization that I have a place of my own to call home.

Snail and Lighting: Creating a Cape Cod Women's Retreat by Michelle Pelletier
My creative life alternates between snail and lighting. This summer it's the lighting. The previous years were a slow crawl to discovery.

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Welcome to the Fall Issue of CapeWomenOnline! As this is our penultimate issue of CapeWomenOnline in this magazine format, let me explain a little about what you can expect from CWO beginning in January 2015.

Our CWO community is stronger than ever so rest assured that we are NOT going anywhere! We are simply shifting our format away from a seasonal magazine schedule to a more regularly updated forum.

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Autumn, Oil on canvas, by Mary Driscoll

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